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Program Manager at Society for International Education (SIE)

Syed Tahir Hussain

Mr. Hussain is a professional development specialist and teacher trainer. He has worked for some renowned organizations, such as AKU-IED, USAID, SUPARCO, CDGK, DIL and SIE, in the capacity of project manager, coordinator and teacher educator for the last 25 years.

Currently, he is working as Project Coordinator for Azme Naujawan Project for Society for International Education, in addition, recently, he has completed project of Azme Naujawan Alumni “supporting Youth Groups for Social Development” and has worked for SIE as a Coordinator of Access English Language micro scholarship Program, of US state department. Vis-à-vis project manager for youth development programs for Karachi Youth Initiative.

Prior to working for SIE he was the project head of; a) World Space Week and b) Space Education and Awareness Program for National Space Agency- SUPARCO, he worked as project manager over there to aware and engage institutions in bringing future generation to the futuristic opportunities of finding their fortune in space exploration.  .

He has acquired international experience by representing country at Internal Planetary Society conference- IPS at Beijing, China and represented Pakistan in Asia Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum, held at Tokyo, Japan in Education group and presented the strivings of Pakistan in this field. 

Prior to this he had visited the Eastern Michigan University, accompanied with the educators from all over the country to study the practicum program and the implementation of teacher education program in US schools in two states Michigan and Virginia. This was part of USAID-Teacher Education Project and he was working as Professional Development Specialist to facilitate faculty of elementary colleges in implementing four years teacher education program.

He has also been awarded a scholarship in 2007 by United States Education Foundation in Pakistan (Fulbright Scholar) to study at UCLA-University of California, Los Angeles and he has also completed the on line component of the Scholarship PDP program, major themes were integration of technology in English Language teaching and conflict resolution. In addition he has been awarded the degree of Masters in Education from the Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development and Educational Leadership and Management is one of the prime focus that the prestigious institution have therefore he understands the need for Managing and Strengthening educational programs in public as well as in Private sector. he also has completed his Scholarship of LEAD Fellows in Pakistan where he worked on the themes on Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

He also has worked in the model school development project for City District Government Karachi where over 1000 teachers were trained in various subject matter areas.

Having worked for a variety of public, private and international organizations Mr. Tahir has a vast canvas of exposure and experience of working with educators and managing Educational Projects.

He can organize and conduct various short term/ long term and tailor made teacher education workshops, sessions and programs on teacher and educational development.

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