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C.E.O of Mehrdar Art & Production

Muhammad Faheem


Mohammad Faheem is a Counter Violence Extremism (CVE) Activist, Social Entrepreneur, Documentary Filmmaker, and the Founder of Mehrdar Art & Production (MAP) a social enterprise working in marginalized communities of Karachi, Northern Sindh, and Balochistan to attain a violence-free society through civic action, documentaries & fiction films, training & workshops, publication of stories, and execution of festivals, to highlight voices of the voiceless.
I am committed and devoted to supporting and highlighting the voices of marginalized communities of the city and assuring the individuals about its commitment to breaking the boundaries. I am trying to create a bridge between young people with their highs and lows in the light of social and cultural aspects through positive engagement.
I provide free workshops on documentary filmmaking, journalism, media literacy, social enterprises, professional & personality development to deserving and envisioned youth, and participate in all those social actions designed to produce more and more community activists, social entrepreneurs, and young filmmakers from the grassroots level. I believe that they would be able to give society what it needs and deserves and beyond all this, our commitment and promise to our society is to highlight everyone’s voices and meaningful engagement.
Recently, I started a multi-purpose community space in Lyari called “Mehr-Ghar” which is the first of its Kind Community Space in Lyari, which will be hosting an event hall for learning purposes, a co-working area, a media room, a library space & study corner for students and a Café Space for local communities to come and interact in. These spaces will be used in building the capacity of women, youth, local entrepreneurs, social activists, and the community at large – in providing solutions for peace, uplifting community, enhances learning, and building a bridge between marginalized and mainstream communities to attain social cohesion, gender mainstreaming and building networks for sustainable community growth. In addition, all of these spaces are accessible and easily book-able for the communities as long as they promote freedom of thought in countering violence extremism.

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