Shumaila Akram
19 Augs, 2018 - by John Snow | Technology

Shumaila Akram

Before joining the Azme Naujawan project, I didn’t have the ability to communicate or deal with people effectively. The training sessions have helped me in developing my interpersonal and communication skills. I have found a purpose in my life and that is to struggle for the uplift of my area and people. I have faced many difficulties for even attending the training sessions- my family members were very much against me joining this project.

But I never lost hope and answered all their concerns by clearly explaining what exactly Azme Naujawan is and how the project is helping us develop as human beings and as active citizens of Pakistan. The communication skills learned through these sessions are really helping us to effectively convey our messages to others. We have been empowered by Azme Naujawan’s training sessions and we are now working on a SAP that is aimed at empowering other girls like us through sports. We are getting them involved in activities like boxing and fitness training so that they can defend themselves and be great sportswomen in the future.

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