A New Chance for the Youth
19 Augs, 2018 - by John Snow | Technology

A New Chance for the Youth

Azme Naujawan started off with the agenda of empowering youth to be able to take responsibility within their communities and be able to bring about a positive change. The first cycle is now midway and the youth have begun rolling out their social action projects. So far a number of exciting stories have come to us along the way. We have been touched by the experiences of these young and dynamic individuals who have joined the program, often coming from diverse and difficult backgrounds, violence-affected areas, and trauma-filled neighborhoods.

These issues, along with a lack of quality education and nurturing in most areas, have made many youngsters close down, afraid, and pushed them live within a limited bubble.

Azme Naujawan, apart from helping youth take responsibility through social action projects, has yielded additional results like enhancing their confidence, creativity and exploring exceptional talent from within these youth. Here are some of their stories.

As the youth now begin to implement their community projects and social campaigns we are excited to see how their efforts will inculcate bravery, compassion, and tolerance within the traumatized communities many of them are working in.

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