A Musical Change
19 Augs, 2018 - by John Snow | Music

A Musical Change

Sometimes even from the most difficult of backgrounds, you come across someone with tremendous talents, skills, and vision for change within society. These surprising discoveries raise hope within all of us. This was the feeling of sudden joy our team felt when we found the amazing gem Saul from our Azme Naujawan program at Pehelwan Goth.

After coming to several of the Azme Naujawan training sessions, he showed up with his guitar one day, saying he had composed a song which he was dedicated to the program. The passion he displayed has been an inspiration to us all.


  • Utho Naujawano, ek Naye Azam se Chalo
  • Utho Naujawano, ek Naye Azam se Chalo
  • Thaam kar tum haathon mai haath Kuch Aesa Kar Chalo
  • Utho Naujawano, ek Naye Azam se Chalo
  • Gurbat Mai Dobi hai yahan har ek zindagi
  • Kiya iin ko milleygi ab, ek nayi roshni?
  • Ye bata dou iinhey jaa kar, tum apney haq mai uth parho
  • Utho Naujawano, ek Naye Azam se Chalo
  • Kub tak rahogey iin bund bundishon mai
  • Ghut-tey rahogey iin sab mushkilon mai
  • Ab ye waqt nahi chup rehney ka ye waada tum khud se karo


  • Wake up Oh Dear Youth, Walk with a new mission
  • Wake up Oh Dear Youth, Walk with a new mission
  • Be united to do something that inspires the world
  • Wake up oh Dear Youth, Walk with a new mission
  • Every life here is deprived and drowning in poverty
  • Will they finally receive a ray of hope?
  • Go and tell them, to stand up for their rights
  • Wake up oh dear youth, walk with a new mission
  • Till when will you keep yourself closed within closets?
  • Palpitate within difficulties?
  • No more is the time to stay quiet, promise yourself this

Saul dreams of becoming a well-known singer and takes inspiration from societal problems to create his songs. He wants to address these social challenges and issues within his songs. He says this will not only educate people about the problems within our society but also encourage youngsters to take part in the change

Azme Nawjawan helped Saul find a path to express himself and get his music out to the public. We hope many more can be inspired by this program.

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